Interactive Conservation Lands Map
FNAI has completed a major update to our Florida Conservation Lands web map viewer. The new version allows users to search and view Florida Conservation Lands, Florida Forever Board of Trustees land acquisition projects, Florida Forever acquisitions, and conservation easements on private lands all in a single map.
FNAI News & Notes
Follow our blog for regular updates on activities at the Florida Natural Areas Inventory.
Atlas of Florida's Natural Heritage
FNAI is pleased to announce publication of a comprehensive, richly illustrated atlas of Florida's species, communities, and conservation efforts. Now at a new lower price. Online credit card ordering also available.
Florida Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Geodatabase
FNAI has partnered with the Florida Forest Service to develop a spatial database that will serve as the central repository for data on the distribution and ecological condition of longleaf pine ecosystems in Florida.
Florida Biodiversity Matrix
The Biodiversity Matrix is a screening tool that provides immediate, free access to rare species occurrence information statewide.
Tips for Distinguishing Native from Invasive Species
Download this pdf file from FNAI biologists, based on our training presentation at invasive plant workshops held in February and March 2017.
FNAI is pleased to be a pilot member of Landscope America, the conservation guide to America's natural places.

key deer
Odocoileus virginianus clavium

Image from FNAI Rare Species Field Guides

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Global Rank: G5T1 State Rank: S1
Federal listing:ENDANGERED

of the Florida Natural Areas Inventory is to collect, interpret, and disseminate ecological information critical to the conservation of Florida's biological diversity. FNAI's database and expertise facilitate environmentally sound planning and natural resource management to protect the plants, animals, and communities that represent Florida's natural heritage.